Holiday reading

Looking for some light reading for the beach or that long journey? Here are a couple of suggestions:

Encounters on a Bus

Yu never know who you'll meet on a bus. In Encounters on a Bus the lives of 20 diverse characters funnel through the same half-hour bus journey. It's a collection of short stories that builds up like a jigsaw. They deal with the differing perspectives with which we view people, how people meet but don't meet and how chance encounters can be life changing.This is a secular book with only a minimal Christian content, but it could also be a discussion starter. Click the link to see more details and order a copy from the website.

152pp, 108mm x 174mm), price £9.00 plus postage.

Also available as a PDF ebook.

Poppies and Forget-me-nots

Poppies and Forget-me-nots

The citizens of Oakdale hail the Revd James Wortley as a prophet when he appears to predict the outbreak of the First World War but some turn against him when he takes a pacifist stand.  Two decades later, when the outbreak of another war is threatening, a young Welsh trainee teacher, Heulwen Hughes, embarks on a search to find her real father – and discovers more than she expected. I have always been fascinated by the First World War since listening, as a young pastor, to the harrowing stories of men in my congregation who were involved in the carnage. If I had been a church minister at the time, how would I have  guided my congregation, how would I have comforted the familes of the men who werre kiled and maimed – and how would I have coped with the added pressures that wartime brought? And have we learned the lessons?


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236pp.  £10.99 plus postage


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