Cave 5 - How church is meant to be

10. Church Growth
How to release growth in a local church

9. "Neither male nor female" – Women in the church
God does want women in leadership. The passages which appear to say otherwise are about the relationship between husbands and wives, not men and women in general.

1. The Church in the Old Testament
There’s a big difference between what the Bible means by church and what usually passes for church today.This set of articles aims to sketch out what church really means in the Bible, uncovering an exciting vision of what the church ought to be – a powerful force for spiritual, political and social change. The first article shows that the church existed before the New Testament; that it is meant to be a meeting where people discuss things and make decisions; and that the church and Israel are more closely related than most people realise.

7. The Church: Elders, supervisors and overseers
Why elders are not optional

6. The Church - Deacons
The role of deacons in the church

5. The Church - Apostles
Do apostles have a place in the church today?

4. Church Government
If we are going to take the Bible seriously we need to respect what it says about church government.

2. Jesus and the Church
An outline of what Jesus taught about the church

3. The New Testament Church
How the early church operated.

8. Restoring the church
Restoring the structure that the church needs.