Michael Jobling

I have a Diploma in Christian Counselling and worked as a part-time voluntary counsellor with the Manna House Counselling Service in Northampton for about 14 years as well as taking on private clients. I retired from counselling in April 2017 because of heath issues.

I specialised in marriage and relationship problems and also counselled people with issues such as bereavement, loss, anxiety, anger and depression.

I followed an integrative approach, using a version of a counselling model called the Five Circle approach.

The Association of Christian Counsellors can help you to find a counsellor in your area. A Christian counsellor is a counsellor who has a Christian world view and uses Christian ideas and insights in their counselling approach. It doesn't mean they only counsel Christians. Christian counsellors normally are willing to counsel people of any faith or none and respect the views and opinions of oher people.

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