Books by Michael Jobling

Some books by Michael Jobling that are worth a read. All of these are available from the website.:


New!  Touching Heaven

A historical novel, set in the 5th century. Gwennel, a Cornish Princess, has fallen in love with a young Welsh prince but everything seems  to conspire to keep them apart. Will her love stand the tests of time? And is a hidden power shaping her destiny? (Available as a paperback or as an e-book).

Encounters on a Bus

A collection of short stories, each of which funnels through the same half-hour bus journey.

Poppies and Forget-me-nots

A historical romance. Welsh trainee school teacher Heulwen Hughes goes in search of her real father. Her search brings her face to face with the realities of he First World War and she finds more than she bargained for.  (Available as a paperback or as an e-book).

Christian books

Jesus and the Brood of Vipers

Why did the most godly people on earth plot to kill Jesus?

First Things First

A fresh look at the early chapters of Genesis.

The Heart of Christmas

The real significance of Christmas, seen through the eyes of those involved in the amazing events that surrounded Jesus' birth.



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