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View of River Ouse, Town Bridge and Swan Hotel in BedfordHoliday days out

The holidays are here, with the inevitable question, "What can we do with the kids today?" Here are some awesome ideas that will take you and your offspring on an inspirational quest to discover the amazing Christian heritage of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. There are six outings to enjoy. Each would make an enjoyable outing for a family with children over 8 years old.

Alternatively, more mature participants could use them as the basis for a series of days out or enjoyable short breaks.

1. "To be a Pilgrim" - John Bunyan and Bedford.

2. Hymns of praise. Benjamin Keach and Winslow

3. "Expect great things" - Moulton and William Carey

4. "Amazing Grace" - John Newton, William Cowper and Olney.

5.  The lady with the lamp - Claydon House and Florence Nightingale

6. A heart-warming walk around Stony Stratford


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Postmodernism is giving way to a new perspective which some are calling Prefuturism.

Animal evangelism
St Piran, St Francis, and a nurse who converted a budgie. Do animals have language and should we tell them about Jesus?

A heart-warming walk round Stony Stratford
Guide for a Christian heritage walk round Stony Stratford.

Claydon House and Florence Nightingale
Guide for a Christian heritage outing to Claydon House, Buckinghamshire, on the trail of the lady with the lamp, who made nursing a respectable career.

Amazing Grace - John Newton, William Cowper and Olney.
Guide for an outing to the Cowper and Newtpn Museum in Olney.

Moulton and William Carey
Guide for a Christian Heritage outing to visit Moulton, where William Carey lit the fuse that sparked off the missionary movement.

Benjamin Keach and Winslow
Summer activity outing in the footsteps of a pioneer of hymn singing and children's education.

John Bunyan and Bedford
Outing to John Bunyan Museum, Bedford.

Recommending Alison Collyer
Recommending Alison Collyer and her new album Captivate together with Hearts Ascend's prophetic music album Windstorm.

Who put the great in Britain?
Why is Britain called Great?