Cave 1 - Theology and the Christian Life

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The Final Countdown
making sense of eschatology and the last things

Goal centred pastoral care
Contrasting the normal approach of problem centred pastoral care with Biblical pastoral care, which is always goal centred.

Shedding light on Lucifer
A fresh look at what the Bible says about Satan.

Why we should honour Thomas Helwys
2012 sees the 400th anniversary of the publication of the first plea for religious toleration in the English language.

Links to sermon podcasts
Links to podcasts of sermons I've preached at Shenley Christian Fellowship, Milton Keynes.

Pentecost: Not the birthday of the church - but what is it?
Pentecost is not the birthday of the church. It marks the extension of the kingdom of God to all nations.

OT prophecies about the Messiah
This resource helps you to identify the main Messianic prophecies that Matthew alludes to in his gospel and which are often read at carol services.

Help with Bible reading
A leaflet to help new (and older) Christians to get started on reading the Bible.

In the furnace: healing and suffering
But if not… what happens when God's answer isn't what you prayed for.

Why I am a Christian
Mike Jobling explains the reasons why he is a follower of Jesus Christ

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