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Poppies and Forget-me-nots
The citizens of Oakdale hail the Revd James Wortley as a prophet when he appears to predict the outbreak of the First World War but some turn against him when he takes a pacifist stand. Two decades later, when the outbreak of another war is threatening, a young Welsh trainee teacher, Heulwen Hughes, embarks on a search to find her real father – and discovers more than she expected.

Books by Michael Jobling
Information about books for sale Jesus and the Brood of Vipers First Things First The Heart of Christmas Touching Heaven

The Heart of Christmas
Series of Christmas Meditations

Articles by Mike Jobling
Links to some of Mike Jobling's articles.

Jesus and the Brood of Vipers
But why did the most godly people on earth turn against Jesus? This fascinating study traces the deteriorating relationship between Jesus and the Pharisees and presents a disturbing challenge to present-day Christianity.

The Last Bauble on the Tree
When the decorations are taken down, Belinda the bauble hides away and is taken with the tree to the recycling centre …

First Things First
The first 11 chapters of Genesis

Encounters on a Bus
Collection of short stories

Holiday reading
Suggestions for light holiday reading

Wisdom for Worship
Advice for worship leaders

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