Recommending Alison Collyer

Captivated cover wih photo of Alison CollyerIt's a privilege to recommend Alison Collyer and her debut album, Captivated. A few months ago Ali was sitting a couple of rows in front of me in our church and God told me, "Tell her it's time to fly." At that time she was considering the possibility of making an album and that message was one of several ways in which God confirmed that she should take the plunge and do it.

Ali regularly leads worship at Shenley Chistian Fellowship in Milton Keynes (UK) and at events organised by the Gilgal House Healing Centre. She has a rare abiity to draw people into God's presence. "Magnificent" is the word I would use to describe her voice which can range from tenderness to awesome, piercing power. Intimacy with God is something she prizes for herself and desires for everyone else and this clearly motivates this album of her own compositions.

Along with Captivated, Alison has brought ot a separate album called Windstorm, on which she is joined by keyboard player Caroline Swann and other friends under the collective name of Hearts Ascend.
To have someone sing to you personally is a precious experience enjoyed normally only by babies who can't get to sleep and people fortunate enough to have a songwriter in love with them. But on this album, Hearts Ascend sing to you.
It is a collection of prophetic songs. The voices belong to Hearts Ascend but they are offering themselves to the Holy Spirit of God as they sing, praying that He will take the words and speak in a miraculous way to those who listen. The result, I think you will agree, is awesome.

Both albums are available for download via i-tunes and Amazon.

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